'Yours + Mine' Salt Dish Duo
'Yours + Mine' Salt Dish Duo 'Yours + Mine' Salt Dish Duo 'Yours + Mine' Salt Dish Duo 'Yours + Mine' Salt Dish Duo 'Yours + Mine' Salt Dish Duo

Hails from: Brooklyn, New York

Enjoys: Being within reach; serving up your sea salt, red pepper flakes + mise en place

Made in small batches by: Nicole Helen Brunner of Most Recklessly

There's little a few flakes of finishing salt won't improve. Crusty bread + butter, fresh cut fruit, and warm brownies come to mind. That's why it's imperative to have pinch dishes strategically placed throughout your kitchen and, most importantly, beside your place setting. Nicole Helen Brunner agrees. She was first inspired to make petite spice dishes after observing the habits of her roommate, a chef, when she when she landed in Brooklyn. City space constraints dictated that she trade in oil painting for a new medium so she turned to ceramics. The one-woman show that is Most Recklessly was born. Lest we be accused of typecasting, these little dishes are good for much more than salt. They're a friend to your cilantro and sour cream on taco night or even your jewelry on a bedside table.

Details: Duo includes two handmade salt dishes, approximately 3.5 inches in diameter, glazed in marbled white or blue. All items are handmade meaning no two pieces are alike.