XO Marshmallow (4-Pack)
XO Marshmallow (4-Pack) XO Marshmallow (4-Pack) XO Marshmallow (4-Pack) XO Marshmallow (4-Pack)

Hails from: Chicago, Illinois

Enjoys: Charming valentines, showering brides, building s'mores, après-everything hot cocoa

Made in small batches by: Kat Connor + Lindzi Shanks of XO Marshmallow

If a puppy isn't in the cards for Valentine's Day, consider giving your sweetie a fluffy, adorable snack instead. Full of sugar and squish and everything nice (like Champagne!) XO Marshmallows tow the line perfectly between childhood whimsy and adult indulgence. Unlike the mallows of your youth, each batch is hand-crafted with real ingredients by founders Kat + Lindzi. The super-fun packaging (we think Kelly Kapowski would approve) makes these boxes highly giftable too. That's one for your valentine and one, two, three for you.

Details: 4-pack includes 12-count boxes of four flavors - 

  • Salted Caramel
  • Champagne
  • Raspberry
  • Green Tea Matcha