Woo Garden
Woo Garden Woo Garden

Hails from: San Jose, California

Enjoys: Layer cakes, coconut shrimp, jam-swirled paletas

Made in small batches by: Naomi Woo of Woo Garden

If Hawaii isn't in the cards this summer, consider a trip to Woo Garden instead. Their pineapple jam will take you there and leave your vacation savings intact to boot. Dawn (pineapple + Grand Marnier) is one of the first flavors Naomi crafted for Woo Garden, the small jam company she founded in 2015. Other jewel-toned gems for the pantry followed including our personal fave, Bloom (strawberry + balsamic). Layer between buttercream in the next birthday cake you bake and it'll be everyone's special day.

Details: Duo includes two 6 oz jams -

  • Bloom - Strawberry + Balsamic Vinegar Jam
  • Dawn - Pineapple + Grand Marnier Jam