Wilder Mustard Trio
Wilder Mustard Trio Wilder Mustard Trio

Hails from: Santa Cruz, California

Enjoys: Punching up vinaigrettes + roasted veggies; rounding out charcuterie spreads; all the sausages + soft pretzels

Made in small batches by: Isabel Freed of Wilder Condiments

Those of us who grew up longing to go to Bayside High know it's true. We wish we all could be California girls and boys. It's no wonder when you catch a glimpse of how Isabel Freed and her crew spend their days in Santa Cruz - at bonfires, BBQs, pool parties + picnics. These were the good times that inspired Isabel to launch a backyard project that would become Wilder Condiments. Her commitment to sourcing locally and organically means West coast goodness is under every cap. Neighboring beekeepers provide honey for Wilder's Honey Jalapeño and winemakers Doony Boon Vineyard their Le Cigare Blanc for the Classic Dijon-style. The results are golden, delicious and wildly good.

Details: Trio includes three 6-oz mustards -

  • Horseradish
  • Honey Jalapeno
  • Classic 

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