Tin Mustard
Tin Mustard Tin Mustard

Hails from: Brooklyn, New York

Enjoys: German potato salad, deviled eggs, grilling out, everyday vinaigrette

Made in small batches by: Tin Dizdarevic of Tin Mustard

It's been dubbed the caviar of mustards because the whole-grain seeds pop and crackle just like the iconic delicacy. Fortunately at $8 a jar we're free to slather Tin's a lot more liberally. A classically trained chef, Tin Dizdarevic started crafting mustard in 2011 after stints in several New York kitchens including one owned by Tom Colicchio. A few years later he added in a smooth offering and a dry rub mustard powder. Mellow and balanced these naturally gluten-free, vegan, and paleo-friendly mustards are simply delicious.

Details: Trio includes 2 10oz mustards + 1 4oz mustard powder -

  • Whole Grain - The mustard that launched it all perfectly balances sharp Dijon style and sweet wholegrain mustards of Central Europe. Perfect with grilled foods or as a base for a vinaigrette for delicious salads.
  • Smooth - Added to the lineup in 2014, Tin's smooth continues their tradition of great flavor, with a more smooth texture and extra zest from our unique mix of spices.
  • Dry Spice Mustard - Tin's dry mustard blend combines traditional mustard powder with cracked yellow and brown mustard seeds and a unique spice blend of additional spices that includes turmeric and coriander and sea salt from California. Packed in a beautiful 4oz tin container.