Kitchen Garden Farm Sriracha
Kitchen Garden Farm Sriracha Kitchen Garden Farm Sriracha

Hails from: Sunderland, Massachusetts

Enjoys: Pizza night, tostadas, fried chicken, stir-frys + all the eggs

Made in small batches by: Tim Wilcox + Caroline Pam of Kitchen Garden Farm

In 2006 Tim Wilcox and Caroline Pam started farming on a single acre of rented land in Western Massachusetts. The two have since transformed the operation into a thriving 50-acre, certified organic vegetable farm. Each day the crew enjoys an hour-long farm lunch where Tim + Caroline's handcrafted srirachas are passed liberally. It's no wonder as these go-with-everything, naturally-fermented, Asian-style chili sauces boast a bright + fruity sharp chili heat and pronounced garlic flavor. We rarely have farm lunches to attend but have had no trouble finding daily uses for these wonderfully complex and brilliantly colored sauces.

Details: Duo includes two 8-oz handcrafted srirachas -

  • Sriracha Chili Sauce - Made from a medley of red chilies, this classic is hot and tangy with a fruity sweetness
  • Habanero Sriracha - This dialed-up version is made from a mix of habanero and sweet orange peppers

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