The Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce
The Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce The Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce

Hails from: The Bronx, New York

Enjoys: Taco Tuesdays, eggs benny, brunching + lunching 

Made in small batches by: Chef King Phojanakong, the team at Small Axe Peppers, and growers from 40 community gardens around The Bronx

It doesn't take a village to make great hot sauce. But one village in New York City decided to take on the challenge anyhow. The results are on fire. Bronx Hot Sauce is made with serrano peppers grown in over 40 community gardens throughout the Bronx. Each spring the non-profit GrowNYC donates pepper seedlings to gardens throughout the borough. Small Axe Peppers then buys back the pepper yields at a premium price allowing each garden to defray their maintenance cost and earn additional income. The final ingredient in this winning community collaboration is a 6-ingredient recipe from celebrated local chef King Phojanakong. These sauces are tangy, slightly sweet, not too hot and fiercely tasty - team work you can taste.

Details: Duo includes two 5-ounce hot sauces -

  • Green - the original goes-with-everything pepper sauce
  • Red - mature red serranos (aka the spicier ones) are reserved for this fiery version of Chef Phojanakong's recipe