Sfoglini Pasta
Sfoglini Pasta Sfoglini Pasta Sfoglini Pasta Sfoglini Pasta

Hails from: Brooklyn, New York

Enjoys: Making weeknight cooking great again, pesto, red sauce, butter + cheese 

Made in small batches by: Steve Gonzalez + Scott Ketchum of Sfoglini 

Sfoglini: tricky to pronounce, trickier to stop eating. For the record it's sfo-lee-nee, a name inspired by the Sfogline - generations of Italian grandmothers, mothers + daughters from Bologna who perfected the art of pasta making over the centuries. It's clear Steve Gonzalez and Scott Ketchum have studied tried and true techniques because these pastas are simply glorious. All are made from American-grown organic grains, extruded through bronze dies for texture that sauces cling to, then slowly air dried to preserve flavor. These two win extra points for their vivid hues from saffron and beets. Mangia!

Details: Duo includes two 16oz pastas -

  • Beet Fusilli - This deep purple pasta is made with fresh, cold-pressed beet juice locally produced in New York. A wonderful treat with a wealth of earthy flavor, the triple layered helix shape of these fusilli capture and hold sauces beautifully.
  • Saffron Malloreddus - This beautiful pasta is enhanced with saffron which imparts a splash of yellow-orange color and a hint of earthy flavor. This style originates from Sardinia, an island off the Southern coast of Italy known for its abundance of saffron. Serve with a creamy sauce made of soft sheep's milk cheese, fresh mint and pecorino.