Semolina Artisanal Pasta

Hails from: Los Angeles, California

Enjoys: Conferring Italian grandma status; red sauce, green sauce, white sauce, any sauce; salty cheese showers; getting baked (into mac & cheese of course)

Made in small batches by: Leah Ferrazzani of Semolina Artisanal Pasta

Ever notice that on some pastas sauces cling beautifully and evenly while on others they slip off? The difference has to do with the how the pasta is cut. Pasta extruded through bronze dies gives the exterior a rough texture that holds sauces perfectly, unlike the teflon dies favored by larger commercial companies. This is just one of the old world techniques Leah Ferrazzani has borrowed to craft traditional, slow-dried, wonderfully flavorful and aromatic pastas from her home base in Los Angeles. All Semolina pastas are made from certified organic Durum Semolina grown in North Dakota and Montana. 

Details: Four pack includes four 16 oz pastas -

  • Conchigli - Ideal for a wicked batch of shells n' cheese or to capture a chunky ragu
  • Strozzapretti - This scroll-like shape traditionally comes from Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, but there are also versions from Southern Italy. Try with hearty sugos and ragus.
  • Fusilli - A perennial favorite, this corkscrew shape is extremely versatile and captures sauces on its axes. Try it with spicy red sauces, with veggies and pine nuts or sausage and and a simple pasta from homegrown tomatoes.
  • Rigatoni - Hearty rigatoni is the perfect cut for baked pasta dishes and meaty ragus. We also love it in pasta salads or tossed with fresh veggies and salty cheeses.