Seacoast Sweets Chocolate Patties
Seacoast Sweets Chocolate Patties Seacoast Sweets Chocolate Patties Seacoast Sweets Chocolate Patties Seacoast Sweets Chocolate Patties

Hails from: Newburyport, Massachusetts

Enjoys: Stuffing stockings; wooing teachers and in-laws; sitting right beside you and a hot cup of coffee when 3:00pm rolls around

Made in small batches by: Kirstyn Pearl of Seacoast Sweets

You know that old Werther's Original commercial where the granddad gives the grandson his special butter candy? Kirstyn Pearl's story is kind of like that. Except instead of butter candy her grandfather whipped up homemade peppermint patties. And instead of keeping the tradition in the family, Kirstyn's sharing it with all of us. Hats off to you, Grandpa!

Truly though it was the annual Christmas delivery of homemade chocolate patties - and the subsequent requests by friends - that inspired Kirstyn to launch Seacoast Sweets. Oh, and we should probably mention she did this from her dorm room. Today Kirstyn has graduated to her own commercial space where she whips up patty fillings and then cloaks each in a semi-sweet/dark chocolate blend. Beyond tasting divine and looking dashing (that packaging though!) Seacoast Sweets is dedicated to doing good too. For each dozen sampler she sells Kirstyn donates $1 to Dream Big!, a Boston-based non-profit helping girls in low-income situations with the basic items and fees necessary to participate sports that support their health, education, and overall well-being.

Details: The dozen sampler includes 3 each of Seacoast Sweets four chocolate patty flavors (each 3'' in diameter):

  • Coconut x 3 - buttery, vanilla, fresh shredded coconut
  • Peppermint x 3 - sweet + creamy peppermint 
  • Peanut Butter x 3 - buttery, salted, creamy peanut butter
  • S'mores x 3 - homemade buttered graham cracker crust + marshmallow fluff