Onesto Crackers
Onesto Crackers Onesto Crackers

Hails from: West Newbury, Massachusetts

Enjoys: Cheese platter hour, snacking + dipping

Made in small batches by: Jane + Jesse Ciccone of Onesto Foods

When you find yourself regularly tucking crackers into your carry-on luggage it's safe to say an obsession is brewing. Petite yet sturdy, these delectable little squares are unlike any cracker we're met before. First they're free of the preservatives and unpronounceable ingredients that litter the grocery store snack aisle. It was this gap in the market that inspired Jane and Jesse Ciccone (cheese plate hour devotees) to start making wholesome crackers on their own. Second they happen to be gluten-free, owing to the almond and sorghum flour they're crafted with. If you think this is a compromise think again. It simply turns out that the recipe for making the most addictively crunchy, slightly nutty cracker is one everyone at the party can enjoy. 

Details: Set includes four 4-oz boxes of crackers -

  • Sea Salt - positively sparkling with pink Himalayan salt
  • Rosemary - earthy + herby
  • Ancho Chile - smoky, sweet, subtle heat
  • Everything - your favorite bagel is now your favorite cracker