One Culture Foods
One Culture Foods One Culture Foods One Culture Foods One Culture Foods

Hails from: New York, New York

Enjoys: Black bean marinated flank steak tacos, gochujang shrimp + grits, sweet chili shrimp stir-fry 

Made in small batches by: Hansen Shieh of One Culture Foods

Have you eaten yet? Hansen Shieh wants to know because he’s got some big, bold, in-your-face global flavors you should probably add to your plans. Inspired by his childhood spent in the multicultural suburbs of Los Angeles, Hansen founded One Culture Foods to celebrate the universal language that is good food and provide one-jar solutions for easy home cooking.

Details: Trio includes three 13oz sauces –

  • Chinese Fermented Black Bean – a sweet + savory update on a beloved Chinese classic
  • Korean Gochujang – a sweet + smoky take on a traditional Korean staple
  • Southeast Asian Sweet Chili – a spicy + tangy twist on an essential Southeast Asian condiment