Old Friends Farm
Old Friends Farm Old Friends Farm Old Friends Farm Old Friends Farm Old Friends Farm

Hails from: Amherst, Massachusetts

Enjoys: Golden milk, homemade soda, salad dressings, curing what ails you

Made in small batches by: Old friends Missy Bahret + Casey Sternberg of Old Friends Farm

In 2003, old friends Missy and Casey rented a small garden plot in western MA with a pocketful of seeds and a pickup truck between them. Today they've grown Old Friends Farm into a 13-person, 28-acre operation where they've pioneered the growing of ginger and turmeric in the northeast. With these tender, young, certified organic crops they make beautifully infused honeys and syrups we've been using to make all the drinks and more.

Details: Duo includes -

  • Ginger Syrup (11 oz) - The heat of ginger in a simple syrup with a splash of lemon.  Add it to tea, ice cream, marinades, salad dressings, cocktails, pancakes and more.
  • Turmeric Honey (11 oz) - Made with turmeric, Massachusetts honey, apple cider vinegar and black pepper this show stopper pours like syrup (not stiff like honey) and works great in salad dressings, mixed drinks, seltzer, hot water or tea, or by the spoonful.