Nostrum Cocktail Shrubs
Nostrum Cocktail Shrubs Nostrum Cocktail Shrubs Nostrum Cocktail Shrubs

Hails from: San Diego, California

Enjoys: Elixing your evenings; stirring into cocktails, punches + apéritifs; giving new purpose to your SodaStream

Made in small batches by: Lucas Ryden of Nostrum 

What are shrubs?

  • A) a gift from Colonial America
  • B) delicious
  • C) drinking vinegars made from fruit preserved with vinegar

If you said all of the above, we'll raise you a glass. Shrubs fell out of favor with the advent of refrigeration but are enjoying a much-deserved renaissance. Namely because they're tangy and enjoyable to sip but also because we have a renewed appreciation for the DIY handiness of our forefathers. Making a shrub from ripe fruit is an exceptional way to preserve an abundant harvest - quite common in southern California where Lucas Ryden founded Nostrum. In his bartending days Lucas' penchant for experimenting with old-school recipes led him to shrubs. He recognized a gap in the market and began concocting grade A elixirs from custom blends of fruits, herbs, organic cider vinegar, and organic cane sugar. Bottoms up, chaps.

Details: Trio includes three 8 oz shrubs - 

  • Valencia Orange / Vanilla Bean / Cascara
  • Blackberry / Cocoa Nib / Sage
  • Pineapple / Turmeric / Ginger