Mei Mei Street Kitchen Sauces
Mei Mei Street Kitchen Sauces Mei Mei Street Kitchen Sauces Mei Mei Street Kitchen Sauces

Hails from: Boston, Massachusetts

Enjoys: Sticky ribs, chicken wings, dipping dumplings + spring rolls

Made in small batches by: Siblings Andy, Margaret + Irene of Mei Mei

“Mei mei” (pronounced may-may) means little sister in Chinese. When big bro Andy decided to start a food truck in 2011 he named it after his two mei meis, Margaret (who, incidentally, often goes by Mei) and Irene. The gals joined Andy and Mei Mei Street Kitchen gained a fast following for hits like the Double Awesome - a sandwich made out of a scallion pancake. Yes we've had it and yes it's as ridiculously good as it sounds. After tons of requests from food truck regulars the Mei Mei crew launched a line of sauces for dips, marinades, glazes and more. In addition to keeping it in the family, Mei Mei also keeps it local: the apple hoisin features apples from Cook's Valley Farm in Wrentham, MA; the Smoked Maple Ginger uses maple syrup from Bobo's Mountain Sugar in Weston, VT; and the Cranberry Sweet & Sour features cranberries from Fresh Meadows Farm in Carver, MA.

Details: Trio includes three 12-ounce sauces -

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