Leaves & Flowers Herbal Teas
Leaves & Flowers Herbal Teas Leaves & Flowers Herbal Teas Leaves & Flowers Herbal Teas

Hails from: Berkeley, California

Enjoys: unwinding time, crumpets, ceremony

Made in small batches by: Anna Morton + Emily Erb of Leaves & Flowers

It wasn't long ago that most of us knew coffee only as dusty grounds that came in cylindrical tins. We've entered a new era with coffee but when it comes to tea most of us haven't quite yet embraced the same obsession with quality and origin. California-based Leaves & Flowers and their devotees are fortunately one step ahead. Founders Anna and Emily have merged their expertise in herbal medicine and artisanal coffee to start a tea company steeped in attention to detail. They begin by sourcing herbs and flowers from small farms in California and the Northwest. Those are then sorted and carefully dried in a climate controlled room before being blended into custom-designed tisanes. The herbal infusions that result honor both the abundant biodiversity of their west coast home and the healing, restorative properties of each component plant. 

Details: Duo includes two 1-ounce tea blends, Forest and Royal. Each package makes 20-24 servings.

  • Royal - (calendula blossom, sage, peppermint) Bright and slightly tannic notes of calendula blossom pair with grounding sage and cleansing peppermint; an elegant and potent blend of herbs that can be consumed morning or night to calm your mind and elevate your spirit. All ingredients come from organic farms in Northern California and Oregon.
  • Forest - (toasted barley, nettle, raspberry leaf, fir tip, lemon peel) A beautiful play of citrus, roasted grain and foraged herbs. A traditional barley tea enhanced by the wildness of brambly leaves and coastal fir tips. This nourishing blend delivers a surprising depth of flavor, complex yet familiar. All botanical ingredients come from Northern California.

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