Le Bon Magot Chutney + Marmalata Duo
Le Bon Magot Chutney + Marmalata Duo Le Bon Magot Chutney + Marmalata Duo Le Bon Magot Chutney + Marmalata Duo Le Bon Magot Chutney + Marmalata Duo

Hails from: Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Enjoys: Dressing up flatbreads, quiche + frittatas; being dolloped on creamy cheeses + grilled meats

Made in small batches by: Naomi Mobed of Le Bon Magot

Naomi Mobed was born in Karachi, raised in Tehran, lived in Hong Kong, was educated in Princeton, Boston and London, worked in New York, Paris, Dubai, Muscat, then Johannesburg before landing in her current home base. As one might expect of such a global citizen, Naomi has enjoyed many lifetimes worth of exotic tastes and delicacies. In any city she called home it was local foods that anchored her and gave her a sense of belonging. Le Bon Magot, meaning 'the hidden treasure', weaves together the flavors and traditions of the many lands Naomi has called home. The results are vibrant, evocative + positively otherworldly.

Details: Duo includes two 8-oz preserves - 

  • Tomato + White Sultana Chutney w/ Ginger + Garam Masala - Chutney has been an important part of Indian cuisine since before 500 B.C., with each region relying on a distinctive spice blend to preserve locally cultivated or foraged produce. “Chutney" or "chattni" in Hindi means “to lick”, which is precisely what you'll be inspired to do, which is precisely what diners will be doing as they lick their plates clean – not wanting to waste a single syrupy morsel. Tomatoes have also been a ubiquitous part of Indian cuisine since the 1600s and a mainstay of our larders today. When sweet fruitiness of tomato is married to piquant Kashmiri chillies in this versatile chattni, you will forget about ketchup.
  • Spiced Raisin Marmalata w/ Ras al Hanout & Smoked Cinnamon - This marmalade transports you down the Silk Road, thru musky casbahs and bustling markets. Ebony nuggets hang in a sweet-’n-spicy syrup, honouring Ras al Hanout, North Africa’s signature blend of rose petals, cinnamon, and cardamom.