Jem Organic Nut Butters
Jem Organic Nut Butters Jem Organic Nut Butters

Hails from: Bend, Oregon

Enjoys: Smoothie bowls, grain bowls, ice cream bowls + toast

Made in small batches by: Jennifer + Timothy Moore and Nik Rueth of Jem Organic Nut Butters

Are you ready for a transcendent nut butter experience? Meet Jem. These butters are preternaturally smooth + hauntingly complex. That's right, we said haunting. Curry cashew tahini does wonders to hippie up steamed veggies and cashew cardamom almond butter we hear is good with breakfast. (Ours has all been rationed for ice cream thus far.) Stone-grinding is the secret behind Jem’s drizzle-ready texture. They grind at slow speeds to keep the ingredients raw for optimal nutrient absorption and flavor. The process can take up to 48 hours per batch, but the results are special. Every ingredient is ground so that no particle exceeds 20 microns, which is the point where the human tongue can no longer detect texture. Neat stuff.

Details: Duo includes two 6oz nut butters, one sweet + one savory -

  • Cashew Cardamom Almond Butter - Known as the Queen of Spices, cardamom has a long and rich association with traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of medicine and lifestyle, and a sister science to yoga. Paired with organic sprouted cashews, almonds and a hint of vanilla, cardamom lends an exotic note to this supremely satisfying butter.
  • Cashew Curry Tahini - This familiar yellow curry taste packs a punch at the end of a creamy cashew + golden turmeric + sesame experience. Drizzle this irresistible liquid gold over steamy white rice, veggie bowls, curries, and roasted cauliflower.