Entube Spice Paste Trio
Entube Spice Paste Trio Entube Spice Paste Trio Entube Spice Paste Trio Entube Spice Paste Trio

Hails from: Los Angeles, California

Enjoys: Spiking stews, shakshukas + salad dressings; earning secret ingredient status again and again

Made in small batches by: Richard Lasalle of Entube

If versatility is a virtue, Entube's spice pastes are positively praiseworthy. Their petite packages belie the big flavor these kitchen workhorses are packing. Beyond the obvious eggs, marinades, and rubs, you'll find (and invent!) use after use for these flavor bombs. All are vegetarian, Kosher, and free of sugar, preservatives and GMOs.

Details: Trio includes three 3.5 oz spice pastes - 

  • Harissa - By introducing Amazonian Acerola berry and other unique ingredients to this North African staple, Entube has transformed traditional harissa from a Mediterranean ketchup into an exciting modern flavor bomb essential to the global kitchen. Doctor up your eggs, rubs, roasted vegetables, burgers and even cocktails.
  • Indian Curry - Inspired by ancient recipes from the far east, this spicy paste unites cumin, turmeric, coriander, and fenugreek with  Acerola berry, cayenne and ginger to create a one stop shop for curry flavor. Use as a glaze, marinade, finishing condiment or mix with hummus or yogurt for a piquant dip.
  • Umeboshi Plum Paste - Ume, the Japanese plum, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for many centuries as an alkaline balancer. By combining the Ume plum with Cayenne pepper, this paste is a veritable health tonic. Add at teaspoon to your morning tea (or evening cocktail) to neutralize acidity in body. Or whisk with diced shallots and wine vinegar and spoon over the nearest oyster.

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