Elvio's Chimichurri + Chimi Rub
Elvio's Chimichurri + Chimi Rub Elvio's Chimichurri + Chimi Rub

Hails from: Los Angeles, California

Enjoys: Earning most-requested-condiment status at your dinner table; making gauchos out of gringos.

Made in small batches by: Father and daughter team Elvio and Ailin of Elvio's Chimichurri

Elvio's Chimichurri was born two generations ago on the Argentine Pampas. Grandpa Ignacio went on cattle drives every spring with other gauchos who agreed everything tasted better with his rustic chimichurri. Elvio inherited Ignacio’s recipe and brought it to Los Angeles in 1974. He continues to make it today from California-grown parsley and garlic, while his daughter Ailin takes the reins on bringing it to our tables. If you're not familiar with chimichurri, think of it as Argentina's answer to salsa verde. Better yet, think of it as your answer to seared steak, grilled fish, steamed potatoes or anything else that'd benefit from an herby kick.

Details: Includes two 8 oz. jars of Elvio's Chimichurri and one 2 oz. jar of Elvio's Chimi Rub.