Delta Blues Rice + Grits
Delta Blues Rice + Grits Delta Blues Rice + Grits Delta Blues Rice + Grits

Hails from: Ruleville, Mississippi

Enjoys: Two words: cheese grits; jambaylaya night; taking center stage in those rice bowls everyone's been going on about

Grown, harvested + milled in small batches by: The Arant Family of Delta Blues Rice

The Arants have been coaxing rice from the soils of the Mississippi Delta for over 90 years and across three generations. At the beginning of each growing season Hugh, David and David Jr. carefully select exceptional seed from the prior year's harvest to carry on the tradition of the exquistitely aromatic and flavorful rices their region is famed for. During milling some grains break and chip. These bits, or 'middlins', make a deeply comforting treat: creamy rice grits. They're the perfect canvas for rich stews, sauces or a simple knob of butter.

Details: Sampler pack includes four 1-lb bags of Delta Blues' grains -

  • White Rice Grits
  • Brown Rice Grits
  • White Rice
  • Brown Rice

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