Dana Confection Co.
Dana Confection Co. Dana Confection Co. Dana Confection Co. Dana Confection Co.

Hails from: Brooklyn, New York

Enjoys: Francophiles, tea parties, wooing valentines 

Made in small batches by: Rachel Dana of Dana Confection Co.

It was on a fateful trip to France that Rachel Dana fell under the spell of calissons, a 500-year old confection made of candied fruit and ground almonds topped with a thin layer of royal icing. Back stateside these treats were nowhere to be found so Rachel undertook the exacting work of making them herself. To begin seasonal fruit is candied slowly by soaking it in ever-increasing concentrations of syrup until it has absorbed as much sugar as possible, a process that takes between 3-6 weeks. This base is paired with floral and herbal undertones to make complex and delightfully flavored sweets. What started as a hobby quickly became a business and Rachel folded other confections into her repertoire like soft, chewy nougat.

Details: Valentine's Day gift set includes 2 boxes of Calissons (3 pieces each) + 3 nougats - 

  • Calissons 
    • Cherry Star Anise Rose
    • Rhubarb Lavender Rose
  • Nougat 
    • Black Olive Pistachio Almond
    • Candied Fruit Almond
    • Coffee Pretzel Macadamia Cocoa Nib