Curio Spice Co. Quartet
Curio Spice Co. Quartet Curio Spice Co. Quartet Curio Spice Co. Quartet

Hails from: Somerville, Massachusetts

Enjoys: Transporting your cooking to far-flung locales; fancifying margarita and Bloody Mary rims; being the handsomest hostess gift you ever did see

Made in small batches by: Claire Cheney of Curio Spice Company

Dusty commodity spices can be found anywhere, including your local gas station or mini-mart. Fresh, vibrant spices that come with a suitcase full of stories however, are rare. So rare in fact Curio Spice Company founder Claire Cheney has ventured to spice farms in 10 countries to source the ingredients for her custom blends. From organic farms around the world Claire brings spices back to Somerville where they're toasted whole, ground and packaged by hand. This attention to detail results in vivid flavors capable of transforming familiar foods into something truly special. Explore Claire's blog, Aromatum, for more on her story and recipe inspiration.

Details: Curio Spice Company quartet includes four blends

  • Kozani Spice - Greek saffron / lemon verbena / bee pollen. Mix with fresh lemon juice and spoon over fish or chicken, or toss with vegetables before roasting. 
  • Aegean Salt - Cyrus sea salt / lemon / thyme / mastic. Combines delicate, crunchy Cyprus salt with the piney scent of mastiha resin, thyme and lemon peel. Add to a bread crumb topping for fish, to dips, dressings or even a Bloody Mary. 
  • Da La Spice - Cocoa nibs / coffee / star anise. This earthy rub is beautiful on pork or beef, swirled into noodle dishes (like pho) or even sprinkled over cut melon or ice cream. 
  • Kampot & Salt - Cambodian Kampot pepper / Maine sea salt / lime. Kampot pepper is a rare peppercorn from Southern Cambodia. After the pepper farming industry was destroyed during the Khmer Rouge genocide, pepper was rediscovered in the forests of Kampot and brought back to life. This bright, refreshing blend is perfect for rubbing into meat, sprinkling on seafood and also makes a killer salt rim for margaritas.