Call Me Caramel
Call Me Caramel Call Me Caramel Call Me Caramel

Hails from: Brooklyn, New York

Enjoys: Ousting your after-dinner chocolate square, charming cheese lovers

Made in small batches by: Jessica Sennett + Steve Earthman of Call Me Caramel

Cheese. Caramels. We love them both. So does Jess Sennett and after hearing a fellow monger describe an artisan cheese as "cheese candy," she had the idea for a more perfect union. If cream and butter were frequently incorporated into caramel, why not cheese? Steve, a cook, foodie and sugar fiend, tasted her first homemade batch and was immediately sold. Together they refined the recipe, as well as chose to feature top quality Gruyère AOP in their caramel.

The AOP mark stands for Appellation d'Origine Protégée. Gruyère AOP has been produced since the year 1115. You read that right - over nine centuries. Gruyère's signature brothy, nutty notes make it a perfect pair for the caramels: as the cheese cooks, it releases savory, rich flavors that give the caramels their distinct taste. The luscious caramel is then finished with flake sea salt.

Details: 4 oz box includes 16 caramels beautifully wrapped in a colorful box, perfect for gifting or for your next Netflix binge.