Buenas Chimi + Pebre
Buenas Chimi + Pebre Buenas Chimi + Pebre Buenas Chimi + Pebre Buenas Chimi + Pebre Buenas Chimi + Pebre

Hails from: Boston, Massachusetts

Enjoys: Getting saucy, oysters + ceviche, steak + eggs

Made in small batches by: Melissa Stefanini + Sebastian Galvez of Buenas

THIS SAUCE. They're the only two words we could muster as our eyes rolled back and grins widened upon tasting these for the first time. Founders Melissa + Sebastian share South American roots + North American birth certificates. They grew up enjoying homemade chimi + pebre and have graciously taken pity on those of us who didn't by founding Buenas. Argentinian, Uruguayan and Chilean-inspired flavors all get together in these sauces and add a mighty, herby, zesty punch to anything they're spooned over. 

Details: Duo includes two 8-oz sauces -

  • Pebre - Pebre is spicy table sauce. You'll find a variation of it in most Chilean homes. Traditionally used on meat and bread, we've found our version is great on everything from eggs to oysters (yes, really).
  • Chimichurri - Chimichurri is a classic South American sauce with as many origin stories as it has uses. The Buenas recipe originates from Melissa + Sebastian watching their parents make it over the years. 

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