Bobo's Mountain Sugar Trio
Bobo's Mountain Sugar Trio Bobo's Mountain Sugar Trio

Hails from: Weston, Vermont

Enjoys: Fortifying your ski weekend breakfasts; dousing pancakes, waffles, and vanilla ice cream; slipping into your morning coffee

Made in small batches by: Tina Hartell and Skye Chalmers of Bobo's Mountain Sugar

The Algonquin Indians knew how to draw gold from wood. They dubbed it sinzibukwud. You might know it better as maple syrup. However in the green hills of Weston, Vermont it goes by yet another name - Mountain Sugar. Husband and wife team Skye and Tina founded Bobo's back in 2008 when they acted on the daydream we've all had: buy a parcel of land in the country and turn it into a livelihood. Today maple sap from their 2,500 trees is wood-fired back in the sugar house to yield the ultimate tree-to-table speciality.

Details: Trio includes 8 oz bottles of each of Bobo's three grades

  • Dark Color & Robust Taste - formerly known as 'Grade B' this is what Vermont-flavored memories are made of
  • Amber Color & Rich Taste - your salad dressing go-to
  • Very Dark Color & Strong Taste - deep, dark, maple-iest maple