Blank Slate Kitchen
Blank Slate Kitchen Blank Slate Kitchen Blank Slate Kitchen Blank Slate Kitchen

Hails from: Brooklyn, New York

Enjoys: All the spicy cocktails, black peppering pecan pies, Thai-style marinades

Made in small batches by: Alex Sorenson of Blank Slate Kitchen

Want to know how to win friends and influence people? Here's one for you: 2 parts lime, 1 part reposado tequila, and 1 part bird's eye chili syrup. It's our new favorite margarita and it's been on such heavy rotation at our place lately our friends dubbed it 'the house cocktail'. Chef Alex Sorenson, founder of Blank Slate Kitchen, won us over with it so we're paying it forward. Alex has lived and worked in France, Rwanda and Borneo. Although he now calls New York home, his far-flung travels continue to inspire the bar and kitchen staples he crafts for Blank Slate Kitchen. We were immediately drawn to these two syrups from Alex's line-up for the distinct types of heat they bring - citrusy, piney black pepper and fruity, piquant bird's eye chili. 

Details: Duo includes two 8oz rich simple syrups -

  • Black Pepper Simple Syrup - This syrup was inspired by a trip to the spice island Zanzibar, and the incredible black peppers encountered in Cambodia and Borneo. It was the genesis of Blank Slate Kitchen and remains Alex's favorite today. It combines the sharp bite of black pepper with the caramel richness of palm sugar for an intriguing and satisfying addition to your cocktails, desserts, and breakfasts.
  • Bird's Eye Chili Simple Syrup - Looking for a kick? The bird’s eye chili syrup packs a bright, fresh punch from these little peppers, tempered and tamed by the clear sweetness of organic cane sugar. A mean margarita is a natural for this syrup, but don’t be afraid to experiment with some heat in your desserts as well.