Black & Bolyard Brown Butter
Black & Bolyard Brown Butter Black & Bolyard Brown Butter Black & Bolyard Brown Butter

Hails from: Brooklyn, New York

Enjoys: Brown-butter lobster rolls, grilled sourdough, market radishes

Made in small batches by: Andrew Black and Eric Bolyard of Black & Bolyard

What happens when two veterans of Eleven Madison Park combine forces to launch an experimental supper club? Many memorable meals and many, many requests for the whipped brown butter they served with rustic bread to greet their guests. We're not surprised. Andrew Black and Eric Bolyard's brown butter is, in a word, heavenly. If you've ever patiently browned butter over the stove you know just how glorious the aroma is. And if like us, you're not classically trained you also know how easy it is to mess up. That's why we're happy to let Andrew & Eric drive on this one. After precisely cooking and caramelizing grassfed, non-GMO butter from upstate New York, they infuse, season, and whip it to spreadable perfection. 

Unfamiliar with brown butter? It's simply a deeply toasted version of whole butter. Use anywhere you'd use whole butter and especially in chocolate chip cookies.

Details: Duo includes two 5.5oz brown butters -

  • Original Unfiltered - Caramelized and Whipped with Sea Salt, Toasted & Complex
  • Bay Leaf - Steeped with Fresh Bay Leaves, Floral & Herbaceous