Day Trip: Richmond, Virginia
Hey everyone! We're pumped to share another installment in our day trip series where in-the-know locals share an ideal day spent in their city. Today we turn over the keys to Shanna Battle, a personal style blogger from Richmond, Virginia (RVA). Keep up with all of Shanna's adventures over on her IG @meeandminnie and find cool style tips on her blog Now over to Shanna!
Day Trip: Richmond, Virginia
by Shanna Battle
10:00am: Whisk
2100 East Main Street

You know when you smell something sweet in the air and sniff around trying to find out where its coming from? Yea it’s probably Whisk; the smell will bring you in, the tasty treats will get you to stay. My addiction is this sticky, sweet bun that will make you wonder why you’ve never had one before but I also love the macarons, eclairs, cookies, and just about everything else. Every delicious pastry is made from scratch and this little coffee shop is so cute and quaint with it's black and white subway tile; just two more reasons to love it it! 
10:30am Dear Neighbor
2415 Jefferson Ave

With a collection of locally made candles, beautiful dainty jewelry and a ton of kick ass cards it’s no wonder this cute little shop is quickly becoming the talk of the town. It’s everything you would imagine a quaint little shop would have. Everything is beautifully and carefully curated throughout the store and you aren’t quite sure where to start exploring but once you start it will hard to stop. Beware you will want everything. I suggest you leave your wallet in the car.
11:30am Sub Rosa Bakery
620 N 25th Street

If you do nothing else in your life, please go and try the goat cheese, strawberry croissant. You won’t regret it; I promise, Girl Scouts honor!
2:00pm Bottom’s Up Pizza
1700 Dock Street

The best pizza parlor in RVA, and I dare anyone to debate me on that! Sure, you could get some wings or a burger but who are we kidding, you’re gonna get the pizza to see if I’m right about it being the best. The slices are massive and one is my limit; though I’ve been known to push it to two. My favorite slice - the Chesapeake. Pieces of jumbo lump crap, caramelized onions all surrounded by ooey-gooey mozzarella cheese and topped with Old Bay seasoning; are you drooling yet? If crab is not your thing, they have an entire drool worthy pizza menu, so get a slice or two…if you dare.

4:00pm Union Market
1217 East Clay Street

I was still stuffed from my pizza, so I popped in just to grab a Prickly Pear San Pellegrino. You know that market where you can find the thing that you can’t find at other markets, that’s this place. Not only is this the only place I can find my beloved Prickly Pear Pellegrino, I can also grab a bit to eat from the restaurant in the back. I love those best of both world places, makes my life just a bit easier! And bonus, when I want to get a true taste of RVA food, this is the place to visit; they sell just about everything. Think of it as the meeting place for all things local.

7:00pm Charm School Social Club
311 West Broad Street

An ice cream shop is not a new thing but when you have flavors like “Honey, Honey”, “Cereal Milk” and “Golden Milk”, (yes as in the milk that everyone is drinking now in ice-cream form), you have a winner! My go to flavor is “Honey, Honey” but I have serious FOMO and I need to try the Cereal Milk flavor fast because it's the talk of the town! And I know what you are thinking, Shanna you didn’t eat dinner? Well I’m an adult now and this ice cream is my dinner…. just don’t tell my mommy! 
Photos by Sandy Swagger Jones
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