Day Trip: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Hey y'all! We're excited to introduce a new series here where we turn over the keys to an in-the-know local to share an ideal day spent in his or her city. To kick things off doughnut lover and video blogger Nishat Nguyen takes us on a delicious tour of Porter and Harvard Squares in Cambridge, MA. After you read and are thoroughly hungry visit Nishat's YouTube channel and Instagram feed (@nishatnguyen) for more tasty travels.
Day Trip: Cambridge, Massachusetts
by Nishat Nguyen
8:00am: Bagelsaurus
It is undeniably early to be up on a Saturday, but if you ask me, entirely worth it. I’ve been in line since 7:55am with about 10 other people. It is like this every day on the weekend, and I will gladly wait in the cold; 1. Because these bagels are the best; slow-fermented over 24 hours, and 2. Because I love everybody who works here. You’d think that the people behind the counter were my childhood friends, but they honestly just know me from my college days frequenting the (small) establishment almost every other day. I usually get a seeded wheat bagel with veggie cream cheese. It’s quite possibly the most ordinary thing I could pick, but these bagels really speak for themselves. If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, try an eggspanola with avocado.

1796 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA
857 285 6103
10am: Niche
Two stops away on the train is Niche Urban Garden Supply. The Cambridge store is a haven of green in the frigid Northeastern winter. I always end up with cacti and succulents, mostly because I don’t trust myself with anything else.

Niche Cambridge
286 Broadway
Cambridge, MA
857 706 1164
11:30am Black Ink
Forget souvenir shops. Anything you find here will be more memorable, and possibly more useful. There are some pretty nifty tchotchkes, like finger fidget toys and baby kewpies (Sam Smith’s favorite!) The store also boasts some really beautiful, useful items for the home. Did you need two peapod shaped sponges specifically made to clean the inside of bottles? No? Probably because you didn’t know those existed until you walked into Black Ink. You can thank me later.

Black Ink Cambridge
5 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA
617 497 1221
1:00pm Porter Square Books
I know. It’s 1pm and you think I skipped out on lunch. You’re wrong. I never skip an opportunity to eat. Porter Square Books is a whimsical little bookstore with its own café built in. I love picking up some fresh spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce and perusing the books. If you’re still full from that bagel, there’s lots of coffee and drink options as well.

Porter Square Books
25 White Street
Cambridge, MA
617 491 2220
3:30pm Honeycomb Creamery
Dessert before dinner! That’s just how I do things – not sorry. Every single ice cream flavor and topping here is unique and often seasonal. Ingredients are locally-sourced and the menu changes constantly. The honeycomb ice-cream is deliciously sweet with a caramel flavor. For a vegan option, the horchata ice-cream is a hit. You can get your ice-cream served between two cookies, atop a giant brownie or even on a liege waffle. Bonus points if you add lemon gummy bears or homemade sprinkles on top.

Honeycomb Creamery
1702 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA
617 714 3983

4:30pm Nomad
I love stepping into this space even when I don’t need a thing. It is full of beautiful jewelry, boutique clothing and handcrafted housewares. It’s a lovely place to see eclectic art and craftsmanship from around the world without leaving the neighborhood. There’s handpicked folk art, accessories, and fairly-traded clothing. If you have children in your life, they feature some of the most diverse picture books I have ever seen.

Nomad Cambridge
1741 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA
617 497 6677

7:30 pm Toscano
In case you haven’t had enough of that “treat yourself” feeling, Toscano will be the cherry atop your day. Every single pasta dish here is drool-worthy and the setting is fairly upscale for a reasonable price. If you’re going on a weekend, I suggest making a reservation – it gets pretty packed! To finish off a decadent meal, I’d suggest going all-out on the blueberry white chocolate tart. If you walked between all these places within 12 hours, you deserve it. I love ending my day happily full and fairly exhausted.

Toscano Harvard Square
52 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA
617 354 5250
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